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Science & Education

"I have been fortunate to work on projects that I am passionate about and in which I believe. I like to generate ideas and create new opportunities, but most importantly for me is that these initiatives must transcend my team and myself."

Ciencia al Servicio

A project that joins STEM teachers, students & experts to transform ScienceEd

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Científicos al Servicio

A project that matches STEM experts with teachers to give students access to role models

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Kits for STEM Educators

A Kit for STEM educators for educational continuity after natural disasters & emergencies

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Project -based learning hurricane lessons

A project to test the feasibility of implementing PBL lessons after a hurricane disaster

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Astronomía al Servicio

A project to bring astronomy tools and curriculum to public schools

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Research Grants Program

1st research & development grants program implemented in Puerto Rico

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Research & Innovation Meetups

1st meetup series to gather scientists, entrepreneurs & key players in Puerto Rico's innovation ecosystem 

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Forward Summit

Puerto Rico’s 1st research, innovation, & entrepreneurship summit 


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 Selected news about projects 

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