" Knowledge  is my superpower. To avoid  losing it, I will always be an apprentice”

"El conocimiento es mi super poder. Para no perderlo, seré siempre una aprendiz" 

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What I do

I promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines through projects and collaborations in education, communication, outreach and science policy.


I dreamed of being a scientist and impacting people’s lives. I achieved my dream by developing my career within the world of non-profit organizations and I have been able to create and implement programs supporting researchers and entrepreneurs, impact teachers and students, and foster the participation of STEM experts in science education and outreach.

Scientist  Educator   Speaker  
PhD  Advocator  

 Leader    Cell Biologist   Women in STEM 

  Creative   Borinqueña   Writer 

 Microbiologist   Mentor  STEMinist 

 Upcoming events 

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